FaxIt Nice Document Conversion Upgraded

We are pleased to announce today that FaxIt Nice has recently been updated
to include a more reliable document conversion service.
Not only will you notice an increase in the quality of converted documents but we are now also supporting the new Microsoft Word docx and xlsx formats.

We hope you enjoy this new functionality, thanks for choosing FaxIt Nice for your online faxing needs.



Tutorial: Arduino UNO + Google ADK

[from BricoGeek]

ADK BricoGeek

ADK BricoGeek

“A few days ago I presented at the ADK Google’s blog, a platform that enables communication between Android and Arduino. The downside was that the development kit worth about EUR300.

Today we bring you a scoop. After seeing fellow online who managed to run the ADK in an Arduino with a USB Host Shield controlling a servo or LED, we intend to play all the devices included in the kit but BricoGeek DIY version, with the products we have available in the store.

I received the materials yesterday afternoon and was already working. You can not imagine how much fun, useful and amazing it is to control the Arduino via the phone.”

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JabberBot! The Arduino robot with an ATMega brain and bluetooth braun! :-)

JabberBot is controlled via an Android application over a bluetooth serial connection.
The guts of it are based on an I2C adaptation of the Adafruit WaveShield and MotorShield.
The bluetooth module is a Bluetooth Mate Silver from Sparkfun.

Read more on instructables

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Facebook app policy doesn’t like the underlying premise of PicPush

If you’ve been having problems using Facebook with PicPush it’s probably because of this…

The whole idea behind PicPush is to have an app on your phone that automatically uploads your media as it is captured, without any special intervention. Facebook doesn’t like this idea so they keep deauthorizing PicPush for use on Facebook.

Therefore PicPush 3.4.5 has a new preference under the “uploads” section. The setting is labelled “Ask before upload” and it is enabled by default on new installs and upgrades. With this setting on you will have to manually approve each item before PicPush will upload it. You can approve a single item by touching the preview image in the upload Queue and hitting “Send” or you can approve all by clicking “Menu” -> “Send All”. If you want to go back to the old behavior and automatically upload all items without approval simply turn the setting off.



Droid X Auto Upload Problems in PicPush (and possibly other phones)

This is just a quick note for users out there who are having trouble with auto upload not working on the Droid X and possibly some other phones.

PicPush enables auto upload by default for image and video folders called “Camera”.

Motorola, for some odd reason, decided to store pics on the Droid X in a folder called “100Media”, hence PicPush won’t automatically enable this folder for auto upload.

It can easily be fixed by navigating through the preferences and making sure 100Media is selected for auto upload.

This is setup in “Preferences” -> “Auto Scanner” ->”Image/Video Folders to monitor”

(A fix will be included for this in the app in the future update)

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